PhD Thesis Code

I will slowly populate this page with all things code regarding my PhD thesis. Contact me if you find any typos, as I am rewriting this code at an ungodly hour before submission. Quick, easy, simple code to check your understanding. THUG sampler SMC with a mixture of THUG and NHUG GHUMS QQIS Quasi-Quantum Integrator Snippet a \(\mathcal{O}(1)\) algorithm for instant Bayesian inference. Unfortunately, I did not have time to include this into the thesis.

Heatmap of Restaurants in Verona by Likes

MindMap of ABC and SMC

Summary of the SNEP algorithm

Concised summary of Stochastic Natural Gradient Expectation Propagation algorithm by Hasenclever et al.

Visualizing Measure Theory for Markov Chains

Measure-theoretic concepts underpinning the development of Markov Chains and Markov Chains Monte Carlo (MCMC) via insightful diagrams.