Gaussian Expectation Propagation

Description of Expectation Propagation using Multivariate Normal factors for the global approximation.

Multivariate Normal as an Exponential Family Distribution

How to rewrite a Multivariate Normal distribution as a member of the Exponential Family.

Expectation Propagation - The Essential Minimum

The bare practical minimum to understand Expectation Propagation

Summary of the SNEP algorithm

Concised summary of Stochastic Natural Gradient Expectation Propagation algorithm by Hasenclever et al.

Visualizing Measure Theory for Markov Chains

Measure-theoretic concepts underpinning the development of Markov Chains and Markov Chains Monte Carlo (MCMC) via insightful diagrams.

Logistic Regression

Rigorous summary of results and formulas concerning Bayesian Logistic Regression.

Paper Summary: An Introduction To Transformers - Turner (2023)

Input to the Transformer The input to the transformer is a sequence \(X^{(0)}\in\mathbb{R}^{D\times N}\) where \(N\) is the length of …