Consulting Experience

in partnership with the COMPASS Center for Doctoral Training


LV Dathaton


Jan 2021 – Jan 2021 Bristol
Developed a prediction model of total claim amount for insurance company LV. Slides for our final presentation can be found here

Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Training

SpinUp Science

Dec 2020 – Dec 2020 Bristol

SpinUp Science offered a training on how to provide consultancy services to a startup and on how to launch one yourself. As part of the training we offered our expertise to a deeptech startup in the energy world that provides analytics software to power plants. Read more about it on my blog post. Our training included

  • Understand a Market
  • Perform SWAT and PESTEL analyses
  • Research potential competitors and assess their offering
  • Research potential clients and assess their needs and current pipelines

Wessex Water Focus Lab

Wessex Water

Sep 2020 – Sep 2020 Bristol

Helped Wessex Water by deploying a machine learning-based anomaly detection system to detect if new leaks have occurred given time series data on water flow levels in pipes. You can read a blog-post about it here.

  • Soft Skills:

    • Handling client interactions
    • Analysizing the problem extracting information from the client
  • Technical Skills:

    • GAMs and Anomaly detection for time series
    • Built Shiny Dashboard for reporting

Innovation and Entreprise Training

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Jan 2020 – Jan 2020 Bristol
Set of skills and attitudes that can enable a culture of innovation, creativity, risk-taking and opportunism that enables entrepreneurships, intrapreneurship and facilitates knowledge exchange. [See Enterprise Skill Workshop organised by CRAC, Vitae, RCUK and EPSRC]